TEXAS Hip Hop Artist | Songwriter | Producer 


Born in Madrid, Spain and raised on the border of South Texas (Brownsville), Carlos Servando Cavazos, or as most know as Carlton Zeus aka KillSwitchZeus, is a Mexican-American hip hop artist whose debut EP Nine Lives Three Wishes has scored Zeus a top spot among hip hop independents.

Zeus is renowned for his reflections of odd living; growing up among peers pushing everything from Jesus to spare food stamps to anything you can fit into a northbound commute.

In his music he travels through time - past, present, and future; delivering moments of leisure, passion, and clarity - attributed to a four year intermission of military service (2004-2008), life, death, love, and everything in between.


“I f**** it up early on and glad I did. I don't have to chase things anymore. Checked all my boxes. I know exactly what I want and I think you'll hear that in my music.” - Zeus


Currently, Zeus is working on follow up album KillSwitchZeus with platinum producers Steveo Valdez and Ace 1 scheduled for release in early 2015.









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