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Carlos Servando Cavazos, known by his stage name Carlton Zeus, is a Mexican-American hip hop artist.

Born: Madrid, Spain
Brownsville, Texas 
Now resides: San Antonio, Texas

Brought up on such artists as Barry White, Everly Brothers, and El Groupo Mazz, Zeus' passion for music eventually spiraled into an obsession for all sorts of genres, including hip hop, reggae, and R&B. Fugees, NWA, Notorious BIG, Snoop, Swishahouse, Sublime, Jay-Z..stuff like that.



During his freshman year at James Pace High School in Brownsville, Texas, he and friends hosted freestyle battles during their lunch break, drawing the attention of fellow classmates, security and custodial staff. 

Soon those sessions paved the way for compilations of freestyles shared among friends and family.

Upon graduation, he convinced a family friend to lease a commercial office to him, intended for the use of recording himself and other artists. Albums upon albums worth of music was made but not a single song was released. Excluding a series of bad choices, he ultimately failed.


Given the recommendation to join the military, he did - honorably serving four years in the US Air Force. While serving, he played with idea of rekindling his love for music, but decided against what seemed responsible for many of his past dilemmas. Near the end of his enlistment, he encountered another wave of unfortunate events that inspired his choice to give it another shot. He was reminded that life is short and feared the regret of “never knowing.”


Within just a few months, he independently launched CarltonZeus.com, released The Spread Mixtape, and Carlton Zeus ultra premium tees. In addition, he was seen, heard, and featured in magazines, radio, and internet stuff across the nation. What appeared to be an overnight buzz was solidified with one-of-a-kind live performances throughout Texas in the company of San Antonio's most talented live musicians.


The Toby Keith Thing

(Water under the bridge)


As of 2014, Zeus has teamed up with Michael theDMG Gomez, Ace 1, and an array of live musicians - specialized in all genres, independently releasing Nine Lives Three Wish EP now available on all major digital distributors and making it its rounds on radio stations throughout the US. Be on the look out for new tour dates and merch right here at CarltonZeus.com 








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