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This single was the 1st original release by Carlton Zeus in August of 2010 as a heads up to the upcoming album.

Since release, Sharpie Solo has caused quite the buzz for its catchy feel and word play, further embraced with national radio play and home made music video that fans believed to be the inspiration behind the concept of Toby Keith's "Red Solo Cup" video; causing such a commotion, that Toby Keith himself had to share his thoughts on it.

In good spirit, Zeus dismissed the ordeal as merely a coincidence as Sharpie Solo continues to make its rounds world-wide.


The Spread is an assortment of remixes put together by Zeus and his high school friend Rob Almaguer with remixes ranging from Cindy Lauper and Brandon Flowers to Edwyn Collins. Upon release in August of 2010, the mixtape spread like wildfire with over 10,000 downloads to date and was named Top Album of 2011 by The San Antonio Current.


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Nine Lives Three Wishes the EP...It's finally here. Much thanks to everybody who bought their copy already! If you haven't yet, here's the best places to get it.

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