Why'd I do it?

Bloc Party MUST SEE live. Wasn't too familiar til a friend put me on to em recently and I went on a downloading spree - hooked. I started asking around about the next time they'd be performing live in Texas. Unfortunately, I was told i'd probably never see em' live unless I took a trip to the UK or Lollapalooza. So my wheels started spinnin..

Around that same time I was scratching my head dealing with some fallout I saw coming. I pretty much shook hands with a conman.. then lawyers got involved. Not sure if this has ever happened to you, but no matter how frivolous.. you can either rollover or fight em. I went into my savings and put my money on Bloc Party to fray my legal fees.. and it all worked itself out.

Also, to better understand my craft, I always kinda always wanted to see what it was like on the other side of booking. So as unlikely as it seemed, I thought it was worth a shot. Three birds.. one stone.


Carlton Zeus  is not a promoter..

more pics

Worst case scenario:
I lose my monies and hang my head in shame for 20 mins or so..

"Some ppl said San Antonio wasn't ready..."


Everyday since we've announced this show, i've been on the phone & email coordinating with Josabis to make sure this show was as big and smooth as a 500,000 elephants wrapped in silk.

Easier said than done, but in the end, it was beyond anything i'd ever imagined. Hours before we opened the gates, there was a line wrapped around the parking lot with the most interesting and upbeat people. I  left to go pick up the band from their hotel and as we pulled up, it was like... the same feeling I had when i saw snow in Brownsville, TX for the first time..

Big special thanks to Josabis for standing by me on this!































Phone:(210) 372-9100
Address: 17200 highway 16 N, Helotes, Texas 78023  map



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