Banana trees.. graffiti.. streetlights.. and SATX models rockin the latest line of premium signature American Apparel tees..


Melody Gonzales - Carlton Zeus Retro Femme -  photography by Jazel Marie Whitaker

With all the post production stuff on the album getting mixed out in LA, i found a little extra time on my hands to take my hair stylist up on his offer to round up some local models he's been dying to work with. I got on the phone with my fav local photographers.. 1st question was: "location?"

Next call, my boy Nickshan who happens to live in the perfect spot :)

The ol' Pepsi building aka "Graffiti Mansion"

Such a pleasure getting to see the models, photographer, and stylist do their thing. There's so much that goes into it that i've never considered. (hair, make-up, lighting, location, shoes? what about shoes? lol, and most of all - capturing that special ..'look'! Shoutout to Tino for the bubbles!


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Carlton Zeus Graffiti Mansion Shootout - Tees by American Apparel - Photography by Michelle Johnson

Photographers: Michelle Johnson, Jazel Marie Whitaker
Hair & Make-up:
Dominic Alonzo

Nicole Burg, Stephanie Burg, Wes De La Rosa, DJC1, & Melody Gonzales

Carlton Zeus Graffiti Mansion Shootout - Tees by American Apparel







The Morning After

Couple weeks prior, i got a call from my man Tiki Tillman down in Brownsville, Tx. He pitched an idea for a shoot, that was so so perfect :D Basically, a reenactment of one of those nights u wake up the next day making phonecalls trying to figure out who put the beer in the fish tank.. etc etc

Days later, the new black & pink Buenos Audio tees were on their way down 77 to Brownsville, Tx.

click HERE for more pics

Photography by Tiki Tillman

Modeled by Josie Katt


Carlton Zeus Tiki Tillman - The  Morning After - Josie Katt



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