Gettin ready for the upcoming show (Josabi's San Antonio Texas 25 Aug 2012). 1st run-through of "Wait for Me" off the upcoming album - with theDMG on drums, Austin Valentine on bass, Ryan Shortt on the lap steel and DJ boboglobo jumped off the turn tables and onto the electric guitar to make this one happen.


We got alot of work ahead of us but the good thing is we have alot of fun doin it. So its a win-win! Big thanks to everybody who came out! Even miss Erica Gonzaba dropped by and helped me out on some hooks :) Looking forward to this show!

Muchos gracias Jazel for hookin up this video! I really thought u were adjusting your camera to take pictures.. (sneaky)



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Nine Lives Three Wishes the EP...It's finally here. Much thanks to everybody who bought their copy already!

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