Eevzdrop and Eye in the Sky present


Rhythm in the chaos..

Great music all around. Honored to be a part of such a huge weekend. I think it's shows like this one that shape what we do and how we do it.


Much love to the good folks at Eevzdrop and Eye in the Sky for putting us on and a huge thank you to everybody who had the chance to see Justin Timberlake and/or Prince, but instead came out to see us do our thing. (i kid.. but really Thank you!)



photos by Jazel Marie Photography




Shakey Graves, Sorne, Emily Bell, The TonTons, MegaFauna, BP Fallon and the Bandits, Les Rav, Walker Lukens, Riders Against the Storm, Larry G(ee), The Migrant, New York City Queens, Hello Caller, TyaGaraja, Folk Family, Revival, The Hanna Barbarians, Featherface, Equals, RetroSpect, Seveer Transmission




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