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Date Venue City    
Wed  12 Mar 2014        Never Say Never Festival      Mission, Texas           
Sat   22 Mar 2014        Maverick Festival   San Antonio, Texas      
 Fri    18 Apr 2014 
San Antonio, Texas    
Sat   07 Jun 2014        
The Block San Antonio, Texas    
Sat  23 AUG 2014 SPI Convention Center South Padre, Texas    

Sat  06 SEP 2014

The Block San Antonio, Texas    


Never Say Never Fest 2015

CONFIRMED. All my RGV peeps! Lock it in! Click the flyer for more details and to grab your tickets now!

Last yr we rolled into town "Alpha Child" blowin up the radio, tacos for days, Bobby Lopez put us up in Selena Gomez room, kicked it wit Shwayze, Doc Hauser threw a boomerang on $1500 bones and of course Never Say Never Festival was CORRECT. It's on!




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