“Born Carlos Servando Cavazos in Madrid, Spain, crowd-surfing hip-hop stud Carlton Zeus (who was raised in Brownsville) has been favorably compared to Kanye West for his swagger. In truth, his cheerleading stage antics make Mr. Kardashian look in slow motion. And based on West’s last appearance on “Saturday Night Live,” the border homie (right) is a helluva lot more fun. Check out his early hits “Sharpie Solo” and “Alpha Child” and the latest, “Pa’riba.” Homegrown indie rockers Hydra Melody will blow audiences away.”

Brownsville native kickoff inaugural spring break Beach Bash 


“In a lot of other situations, they’re there for me,” Cavazos said. “Well today, I’m here for them.” The beauty of a show like this is to learn from the interaction with the crowd and incorporating that when you have the home-field advantage, he said.

Another difference, he realized after his set, is the need for spontaneity. Cavazos shows have a script plan that is usually stuck to, he said. Wild, spring break audiences are a different beast.

“These type of shows, anything goes and you gotta be ready to call the audible and just (expletive) give them what they want,” Cavazos said. “A lot of the time, for these types of shows you say (expletive) and go with your gut feeling. It always works out.”.”


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Carlton Zeus to headline McAllen 


When Carlton Zeus performs at the McAllen Food Park Block Party on Saturday, there’s no telling what’s going to happen — the rapper leapt off stage and onto a passing boat during a recent performance at the San Antonio River Walk.

Director of sales and sports tourism with the McAllen Chamber, Robert Lopez, was on hand at the San Antonio show and remembered thinking, “What are you doing? I don’t even think he knew how he was going to get back on the stage.”


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"Who is Zeus?

He's one of the most talented hip-hop artists in San Antonio and he's got new music called "Ordinary" Ft. Big Gemini and Ben Cina.


How I found out about Carlton Zeus?

When someone finds out that you work in radio, you get passed a CD. It may be theirs, their kids, their cousin, their best friend. 98% of the time, it's garbage. When I decided to start The Local Spin, I was doing mornings on Wild 105.7 here in San Antonio. One day I get told we have a week left before the station switches and have fun. After hearing "Alpha Child" by Carlton Zeus, it was stuck in my head..

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"..In order to wrap your mind around that, get a witch's cauldron and water or chicken broth for added flavor and drop in such artists as Hall & Oates, The Fugees, Sublime, Jay-Z, Michael Jackson, Selena, and Slick Rick, give it a good stir and you're left with a tasty.."

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What inspired this song?

"Growing up in Brownsville, TX on the border of Matamoros, MX, you come across people in passing sometimes that you can’t forget. Maybe it’s something they do or something they say. A combination of that found its way into these lyrics I wrote years ago. I make hip hop music. We glamorize alot of dumb shit. I felt like “Drinking Rio” was an opportunity to paint pictures a lot of people don’t see. At the same time, I’ve come across a lot of people that identify with..."

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"The official attendance numbers are in for Maverick Music Festival, and the festival is reporting more than 11,000 attended the shows at La Villita on March 21 and 22.

The crowd figure speaks to the success of the all-local Arneson River Stage, which featured 13 San Antonio bands on Saturday, including a Sun*Day reunion and the first live show for FEA, a Girl in a Coma punk side project. The biggest crowd for the Arneson stage was rapper Carlton Zeus, whose crowd numbers...

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"A few days ago, local rapper Carlton Zeus—whom I hadn’t heard from since he fought with Toby Keith and had his set allegedly sabotaged at Beethoven Maennerchor—sent me a text message in the middle of the night.

“Got something I’ve been putting my heart and soul into,” the text read. “If you don’t like it I’m packing my bags and moving to Guatemala.” (the text included an icon of a spaceship)

As it turned out, he won’t have to go anywhere. The video for “Alpha Child,” included in his upcoming 10-track, 37-minute Nine Lives Three Wishes album is..  Read More

"Coming from our neighboring city of San Antonio, Carlton Zeus brings a fresh new quality to the hip-hop genre drawing influences from an array of genres from reggae to beach rock to folk music. This mash up of styles lends an edge to Zeus’s music that separates him from mainstream hip-hop..  Read More

"With influences that range from Freddie Mercury and Rod Stewart to Frank Sinatra and Barry White, local hip-hop artist Carlton Zeus blends up a musical cocktail that goes down best when chugged out of a red Solo cup.


Born in  Spain and raised in Brownsville, Zeus rebooted his love of music after four years in the Air Force and has since developed a knack for tracks that tell “bizarre adventures tongue twisted with nostalgic references”  — including rhymes like “4 a.m. at Chacho’s, ordering them King Kong Nachos...”

For a sample of what Current contributor Adam Villela Coronado described as “Saytown’s Kanye West” in the making, download  The Spread Mixtape for free.. Read more...

The San Antonio Current Top Albums of 2011 - Carlton Zeus 

Carlton Zeus, The Spread Mixtape

"He’s a clown, a provocateur, and he knows exactly what he’s doing. The best local rapper, hands down." Read more...

The Current, The Best Local Albums of 2011- Carlton Zeus 

Carlton Zeus’ The Spread Mixtape


"Zeus is becoming Saytown’s Kanye West: a polarizing talent with mad hustle. The Spread Mixtape is a pure party rap featuring screeds on getting mani-pedis before getting laid.

His rap hedonism makes him a refreshing oddball in SA hip-hop." Read more...

SA Scene Magazine - Music Scene - Carlton Zeus 

Music Scene


"Carlton Zeus - From the studio to the courtroom to the military and back, Zeus brings his wide range of experiences to the San Antonio hip hop community. This is a story you won't want to miss." Read more...

Toby Keith Accused of Ripping Off Rapper's  


Toby Keith Accused of Ripping Off Rapper's "Solo Cup" Song Idea


“It can easily be said that the songs sound nothing alike — in which they do not,” wrote Garcia on his blog. “It is the concept of the song and music video that have people up in arms.” Read more...

MAGX, Q&A with Carlton Zeus 

Brownsville's Hip Hop Wordsmith


"Carlton Zeus is a Brownsville native (now living in San Antonio) who is pumping out some great hip hop. His songs, rhymes, and music quality really grabbed our attention" Read more...


San Antonio Hip Hop Artist a Breath of Fresh Air


Shortly after being introduced to his music I came across one of his music videos entitled “Sharpie Solo”. A great feel good record that basically pays homage to living the good life in San Antonio. In the video we also see that “rat pack reject” persona.. Read more...



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