filmed by The Chase Mullenax

Stopped by the Wild 104 Morning Mojo show. Much love to Jammin Jay Z and Lorena Macarena. Good good peoples..

In the studio with Big Gemini MC Magic, and Ace 1 sippin on them ice cold Blue Moon Cinnamon Horchatas. If you grew up on horchata AND you enjoy quality beer, you gotta try it..

filmed by The Chase Mullenax

Special thanks to Crispin Matt and Laura Floy for keeping us stocked out in SPI during Beer Fest 2014! Starring TooFunny22, DJ boboglobo, Carlton Zeus, Doc Hauser, Shaun Mecca, Jay Carrera, and Tara Marie

filmed by The Chase Mullenax

...Legendary KRGV weather man Tim Smith

filmed by The Chase Mullenax

Special thanks to Jesse James Leija and Mike Battah Leija Battah Promotions for bringing us onboard for a great night of boxing and doing what we do. Looking forward to the next one!

Featuring Alyson Alonzo

Feat. Erica Gonzaba

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